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     Les recherches publiées dans les revues internationales contenant facteur d'impact partir de Janvier 2012 to Novembre 2012. S'il vous plaît cliquez ici.

     Les recherches publiées dans les revues internationales qui ne contiennent pas d'impact factor. cliquez ici.

Table des recherches publiées à l'étranger que gagner une lettre de remerciement du président de l'Université de Bagdad

   College  Department  Researcher  Title  Journal   Impact Factor  Year
 Engineering  Environment  Prof. Dr. Abbas Hamid Salimon
 Hydrodynamics Characteristics of Mixing in three Phase System
 International Review of Chemical Engineering
 6.4  2010
 2  Science  Physics  Prof.Dr.Bahaa Tohme Jead
Teach. Assit.Ahmed Najm Abdullah
Teach. Assit. Qais Abdel Fattah

Theoretical Study of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Sodium and Lead Vapors

International Review of Physics
 3 Science
Prof.Dr.Bahaa Tohme Jead
  Prof. Assit.Dr. Dnia Kamil Mahdi Master's student Essam Qasim Abbas
Optical Properties of Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Deposited Epsom Salts (MgSO4.7H2O) Thin film    
International Review of Physics
 4  Science   Life Sciences  Prof.Dr.Haider Zuhair Ali  A plate - based assay - system for analyses and screening of the Leishmania major inositol phosphorylceramide synthase  The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology  4,956  2010
 5  Engineering   Environment  Prof. Dr.Abbas Hamid Salimon
Dr. Hatem Asel Kzar
 Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of light nonaqueous phase liquid dissolution and transport in a saturated zone of the soil  Journal of Hazardous Materials  3,723  2011
 6  Engineering   Environment   Prof.Assit.Dr.Yasmin Abdel Aziz Mostafa  Treatment of radioactive liquid waste (CO-60) by sorption on Zeolite Na-A prepared form Iraqi Kaolin  Journal of Hazardous Materials  3,723  2011
 7  Engineering  Mechanics  Prof.Assit.Dr.Karima Ismail Amuri  Experimental and numerical analysis of electrical metal foam heater  Energy  3,565  2011
 8  Education Ibn Alhatham  Chemistry  Prof.Assit.Dr. Zafer Tmween Ajil   Synthesis characterization of acrylamide grafted chitosan and its use in removal of copper (II) ions from water  Carbohydrate polymers  3,463  2011
 9  Engineering   Computer  Teach. Assit. Mohammed Issam Younis  Design and implementation of a t-way test data generation strategy with automated execution tool support   Information Sciences  2,833  2011
 10  Veterinary Medicine   Prof.Assit.Dr. Latif Ibrahim Kazem
Prof.Assit.Dr. Abdul Karim Jaafar Kream
 Effect of Nigella sative in alleviating behzo (a) pyrene-induced immunotoxicity in broilers  HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY  2,502  2011
 11  Engineering  Environment  Prof.Assit. Dr.Zainab Ziad Ismail   Assessing the recycling potential of industrial wastewater to replace fresh water in concrete mixes : application of polyvinyl acetate resin wastewater  Journal of Cleaner Production  2,425  2011
 12  Engineering  Environment   Prof.Assit.Dr.Zainab Ziad Ismail  Life cycle assessment of coated white board: a case study in China  Journal of Cleaner Production   2,425  2011
 13  Science  Life Sciences  Dr.Iyad Kadhim Zughayyar  Adhesion of stenotrophomonas altophilia to mouse tracheal mucus is mediated through flagella  journal of medical microbiology  2,38  2011
 14  Science  Physics Prof.Assit.Dr.Muzaffar Fouad beautiful ornaments  Gadolinium substitution and sintering temperature dependent electronic properties of Li-Ni ferrite  Material Chemistry and Physics  2,353  2011
 15  Science  Earth Sciences   Dr. Thamer Khazal Ameri   Khasib and Tannuma oil sources , East baghdad oil field , iraq  Marine and Petroleum  2,13   2011
 16  Science  Physics  Prof. Assit.Dr. Baraa Ali Attia
Student Aignan Amin Khalil
 A new Evolutionary Based Routing Protocol for clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks"  Applied Soft Computing  2.08   2011
 17  Science  Physics  Prof. Assit.Dr. Adil khlif Hamoudi  Spectral fluctuations and the statistics of electromagnetic transition intensities and electromagnetic moment in ¹³⁶Xe using the framework of the shell model  Nuclear Physics A  1,986  2011
 18  Science  Life Sciences  Prof.Dr. Haider Zuhair Ali  Studies on the antileishmanial properties of the antimicrobial peptides temporin A, B and 1Sa  Journal of Peptide Science  1,954   2011
 19  Education Ibn Alhatha  Physics  Dr. Allia Abdul Mohsen Shahab   Effect of temperature and deposition time on the potical properties of chemically deposited nanostructure PbS thin films   
 Thin solid films  1,909   2011
 20  Science  Physics  Prof. Assit. Dr. Mona Mousa Abbas  Effect of temperature and deposition time on the optical properties of chemically deposited nanostructure PbS thin films  Thin solid films  1,909  2011
 21  Engineering  Environment  Prof. Dr. Abbas Hamid Salimon  Effect of tubes bundle electrode on removal of cadmium from simulated wastewaters by electrodeposition   Journal of chemical Technology and Biotechnology  1,818  2011
 22  Science  Physics   Dr.Muzaffar Fouad beautiful ornaments  Influence of glass addition and sintering temperature on the structure.mechanical properties and dielectric strength of high- voltage insulators  Materials & Design  1,694   2010
 23  Agriculture  Livestock   Dr. Talal Anwar Abdel Karim  Early pregnancy detection of Iraqi riverine buffalo (bubalus bubalis ) using the bioPRYN enzyme-linked immunsorbent assay for PSPB and the progesterone assay  Reproduction in Domestic Animals  1,606  2010
 24  Science for Girls  Life Sciences  Assit. Teach. Mohammed Abdul Ridha Alkinsawi   Vegetation Response to Re-flooding in the Mesopotamian Wetlands Southern Iraq  Journal of Wetlands  1,238  2010
 25  Engineering  Electricity  Dr. Walid Amin substance  The preformance of multiwavelets based ofDM system under different channel conditions  Digital Signal Processing  1,22  2010
 26  Engineering  Environment  Prof. Assit.Dr. Iyad Hamza Abdul Faisal
Dr. Walid Muhammad Salih
 Influence of clay lens on migration of light nonaqueous phase liquid in unsaturated zone  Journal of Environmental engineering  1,17  2011
 27  Science  Physics   Prof.Dr.Bahaa Tohme Jead
Prof.Assit. Dr Firas Jawad Kadhim
Teach. Assit. Mohammed Abdullah Hameed
 Transition from amplified spontaneous emission to laser action in disordered media of R6G dye and Tio2 nanoparticles doped with PMMA polymer  Journal of the European Optical Society   1,044  2011
 28  Agriculture  Palm Research Unit      Dr. Hossam Saad Eddin Mohamed  Genetic Diversity of Iraqi date palms Revealed By Microsatellite Polymorphism  Journal of the american society for Horticultural science  1,01  2011
 29  Science  Physics  Dr. Abdullah Suhail
Teach. Nada Mohammed Saeed
Teach.Assit. Omar Adnan Ibrahim
 White light generation from Cds nanopaticles illuminated by UV-LED  The European Physical Journal Applied Physics  0,899  2010
 30  Science  Earth Sciences  Dr. Thamer Khazal Ameri   Hydrocarbons in the midddle miocene jeribe formation,dyala region,ne iraq
 journal of petroleum geology  0,829  2011
 31  Science  Life Sciences  Dr.Iyad Kadhim Zughayyar   Immunoassay Method to Check the flagelline Mediated Binding of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia to Polystyene  Microbiology  0,813  2011
 32  Science  Life Sciences  Dr.Iyad Kadhim Zughayyar  Adhering Ability of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Is Dependent on Growth Conditions   Microbiology  0,813   2011
 33  Engineering  Environment   Prof.Dr. Abbas Hamid Salimon  Removal of cadmium from simulated wastewater by electrodeposition on stainless steel tubes bundle electrode  Desalination and water treatment  0,752  2011
 34  Medicine  Revive the microscope  Teach. Rand Riad Hafiz Khalid  Vigna radiate (L.) R. Wilczek against highly resistant bacterial and fungal pathogens  Journal of Medicinal Plants Research  0,67  2011
 35  Engineering  Environment   Prof. Dr.Abbas Hamid Salimon  Mass transport properties of flow- through electrolytic reactor using zinc reduction system   International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engeneering  0,64  2011
 36  Science  Earth Sciences  Prof. Assit.Dr. Saleh Mohammad Awad
Dr. Hamid Hassan Abdullah
 mineralogical,geochemical,and geotechnical evaluation of al-sowera soil for the building brick industry in iraq  Arabian Journal of Geosciences  0,538  2011
 37  Science for Girls   Life Sciences  Dr. Riad Younes al-Obeidi  Cretaceous petroleum system of the Khasib and Tannuma oil reservoir, East Baghdad oil field, Iraq  Arabian Journal of Geosciences  0,538  2011
 38  Science  Earth Sciences  Prof. Assit.Dr. Saleh Mohammad Awad
Teach. Mason Omar Ali
Teach.Assit. Rana Abbas Ali
 Mineralogy and palynology of the Mesopotamian plain sediments , Central Iraq  Arabian Journal of Geosciences  0,538  2011
 39  Engineering  Computer Teach. Assit. Mohammed Issam Younis  Security problems in an RFID system  wireless personal communications  0,503  2011
 40  Engineering  Environment  Prof. Dr. Abbas Hamid Salimon
Dr. Abeer Ibrahim Musa
 Experimental Determination of the Virtual Mass Coefficient for two Spheres Accelerating in a power Law Fluid  Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME  0,44  2010
 41  Science for Girls  Physics  Dr. Khalil Hadi Ahmed   Calculation of Theoretical Isotropic Compton Profile for Many Particle Systems  Modern Physics Letters B  0,438  2010
 42  Science  Earth Sciences  Dr. Kamal Karim Ali   Radioactivity in Building Materials in Iraq  Radiation Protection Dosimetry  0,41  2011
 Science  Physics  Prof .Assit. Dr. Asia Hamid Hamad  Effect of X-and gamma rays on DNA in Human  European journal of scientific research  0,39  2011
 44  Science  Physics  Dr. Raad Mohammed Saleh Al-Haddad
Prof. Assit.Dr. Salma Mehdi Shaaban
Teach. Ahmed Saleh Ahmed 
 characteristics Cd 0.3 Sn 0.7 Se thin films as absorber materials for solar cell devices   TURKISH JOURNAL OF PHYSICS  0,38  2011
 45  Science for Girls  Physics Teach. Assit. Haidar Natek Jassim  Efficiency and Fairness of New-Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease Congestion Avoidance and control Algorithm  journal of applied science  0,25  2011
 46  Science  Physics  Prof.Dr. Bahaa Tohme Jead  Characterization of low pressure  plasma-dc glow discharges(Ar,SF6 and SF6/He) for Si etching  Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics  0,246  2011
 47  Science   Life Sciences  Prof. Assit.Dr. Laith Mohammed Jawad Chandler
Prof. Assit.Dr. Ibrahim Shaaban Saadawi
 Differential allelopathic potential of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) genotypes onweeds and wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) crop  Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science  0,24  2011
 48  Engineering   Computer Teach. Assit. Mohammed Issam Younis  practical adoptions of T-Way stratrgies for interaction Testing  Communications in Computer and Information Science  0,12  2010
 49  Engineering  Environment   Prof. Assit.Dr.Zainab Ziad Ismail   Environmental and Economic assessment of Pre-training Electrolytic Aluminum Production – A case  study of China  Advanced Materials Research  0,11  2011
 50  Engineering  Environment   Prof. Assit.Dr.Zainab Ziad Ismail   Environmental and Economic assessment of Pre-training Electrolytic Aluminum Production – A case  study of China  Advanced Materials Research  0,11  2011
 51  Science  Life Sciences  Prof.Dr. Haider Zuhair Ali  Exploring Leishmania major Inositol phosphorylceramid  Synthase (LmjIPCS): Insights into the ceramide binding domain  Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry  3,451  2011
 52  Science  Physics  Prof. Assit.Dr. Qais Abdul Sattar Mohammad Amin  Feedback control of bursting and multistability in chaotic systems  commun nonlinear sci numer simulate  2,697  2011
 53  Science  Physics  Prof. Assit.Dr. Qais Abdul Sattar Mohammad Amin   Optical characterization of PMMA phase grating written by a 387 nm   optics communication  1,517  2011
 54  Science  Physics
 Prof. Assit. Dr. Qais Abdul Sattar Mohammad Amin  Nanostructure Formation in Silicon Photovoltaic Cells by Femtosecond Laser Pulses  materials science forum  0,21  2011
 55  Veterinary Medicine  Anatomy and tissue  Dr. Abdul Karim Jaafar Kream  Efficacy of nigella sativa in alleviating benzo [a] pyrerne-induced immunotoxicity in broiler  Histology and histopathology  2,502  2011
 56  Veterinary Medicine    Prof. Assit.Dr. Khaled Kamel Kazem  Morphological and histochemical observations of the red jungle fowl tongue Gallus gallus   African Journal of Biotechnology  0,573  2011
 57  Science  Earth Sciences  Dr. Thamer Khazal Ameri  Environmental changes in the wetlands of southern Iraq based on palynological studies   Arabian Journal of Geosciences  0,538  2011
 58  Science  Earth Sciences  Dr. Thamer Khazal Ameri  Hydrocarbon generation potential of the uppermost Jurassic-basal Cretaceous sulaiy formation, South Iraq  Arabian Journal of Geosciences  0,538  2011
 59  Agriculture  Palm Research Unit  Prof. Assit.Dr. Hossam Saad Eddin Mohamed   Assessment of genetic diversity for some Iraqi date palms ( Phoenix dactylifera L.) using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP) markers  African Journal of Biotechnology  0,37  2011
 60  Science  Chemistry Teach. Assit. Saria Abdul Jabbar Abdul Razzaq  Study of Halazone Stability and methods of its Removal from Aqueous Solutions   European  Journal of Scientific Research  0,31  2011
 61  Veterinary Medicine    Dr. Bahaa Fakhri Hussein   Cockle shell – Based Biocomposite scaffold for Bohe Tissue Engineering   Regenerative medicine and Tissue Engineering  cells and Biomaterials     2011
 62  Veterinary Medicine    Prof. Assit.Dr. Fayek Jabbar Taqi   Zerumbone significantly improved immunoreactivity in the synovium compared to Channa striatus extract in monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced knee osteoarthritis in rat  Journal of Medicinal Plants Research  0,879  2011
 63  Veterinary Medicine    Prof. Assit.Dr. Fayek Jabbar Taqi   Response of channa striatus Extract Against Monosodium Iodoacetate Induced Osteoarthritis in Rats  Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances  0,292  2011
 64  Al-Kindy Medical  Quality Assurance Unit   Dr. Lujain Anwar Khazraji  Application of geographic information system )GIS) in Iraqi family medicine practice  International Journal of the Physical Sciences  0,42  2011
 65  Engineering  Mechanics  Prof. Dr.Karima Ismail Amur  Experimental and numerical studies of solar chimney for natural ventilation in Iraq  Energy and Buildings  2,041  2012
 66  Science  Physics Teach. Assit. Noor Huda Hassan Abdul-Hussein  Effect of temperature and deposition time  on the potical properties of chemically deposited nanostructure PbS thin films  Thin solid films  1,909  2011
 67  Engineering  Environment  Prof. Assit. Dr.Zainab Ziad Ismail  Kinetic study for phosphate removal from water by recycled date-palm wastes as agricultural by-product  International Journal of Environmental Studies  0,19  2012
 68  Web Site Unit   Teach.Assit.  Bassim. H. Graimed
Teach. Assit. . Jalal. S. Hameed
 An Optimal Algorithm for HTML Page Building Process  waset     2012

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